Friday, 26 June 2015


The answer to these questions is debatable – for example, although the odds of a 10,000 paying combo may be 100,000-1 – it could still happen twice in a row (although the odds are extremely small). Equally, just because a jackpot is overdue, it could still not win for days (but in the end the payouts will inevitably come). One theory that may be worth following is the patterns of Slot Casino Online – that means not playing games that aren't paying and sticking with games that are frequently winning (apparently some mathematicians suggest randonmly slo t Games Casino Online really can get lucky and


The next question is can you really know when a Casino Style Games is about to payout, or when indeed it shouldn't be spun at all? Well, there are a couple slot theories to think about; 1. The casino de europa or big combos haven't won for ages – are they due a win? 2. If a machine is winning frequently – is it 'hot'?